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What Our Clients Have to Say:



"We were living in Manhattan, paying out the nose for apartment rent. With two small kids we decided it was time for the space and comfort of a custom home. We were only able to visit our build site a total of only 4 times throughout construction. Erik and Ethan worked closely with our NYC-based architects to translate schematics to plans. See, our deal with the architect was only through plans and elevations. Econeered then essentially became the architects for ALL the nitty gritty. They constantly provided and updated 3D renderings of our home complete with topography, which was essential for our sloping lot. We always knew exactly what was going on, and were able to do ‘virtual walk-thrus’ to review changes or challenges.  There were no surprises, and it was exhilarating for us to see the computer models come to life. 


As a builder/project manager, Erik knows his materials and Erik is a fine craftsman. As co-owner of Econeered, he has always had a habit of doing things right, and standing by his work. He and Ethan demonstrated this over and over. From the 80’ custom cable railing Erik designed, to the custom roof truss system that Ethan designed which allowed us to cantilever our massive deck roof, Econeered was able to execute everything we and our architects dreamed up.


The style of our house is a bit atypical for these parts, and Econeered was able to maintain our aesthetic while adding quality. Our aesthetic is something my wife and I are, shall we say, passionate about. She’s a creative director, I’m a film director and former set designer. We tend to bat words around like “the feel” and “the flow” of things. I also have inordinate attention to detail, which was outdone by Erik and Ethan’s.


With our remote build we entrusted Econeered to make many critical decisions on the fly on things such as; trim work/material choices (our house has about 80 windows); chimney design (we have a two-sided chimney); as well as the efficiency of the house (which with 12’ ceilings throughout, was a huge factor). Our home is EnergyStar rated with blown cellulose insulation and we joke it’s so tight, if we lock the doors we all might suffocate. Beyond “green” which seems to be a catch-all phrase these days for all builders, Econeered by Design knows the latest materials and systems that fit a variety of situations, climates, aesthetics and budgets. They were always pushing for techniques, materials and systems that were earth-friendly, waste-free and money-saving.


We love our home. It fits us. My wife and I look at this house as something we created, a part of us. As a design/build experience goes, I don’t know how it could have been better. Truth is, I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before. Econeered guided us through it with professionalism and an amazing outcome. My wife and I recommend them wholeheartedly, and objectively."

                                                                                 A & MC J. 2008


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