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Building better environments.

Eco-Neered by Design, LLC was started by Erik Jones in 2003. From the beginning our goal was to build and encourage the design of environmentally friendly, efficient and beautiful homes and remodels.  Rather than "building to code," the Eco-Neered approach is to build for energy efficiency.  The result of an Eco-Neered build?  A home that could cost approximately 30% less to heat and operate than a standard home. 


To this end, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of excellence.  We don't cut corners,  we only work with the best subcontractors available, and never use inferior products.  Eco-Neered by Design, LLC  will not be your cheapest building option, but we will be your best.  Our projects will meet or exceed your expectations, and it is our goal that the process be an enjoyable one.  An Eco-Neered build will yield lower utility bills, quality components, certified HERS rating, stringent quality control, and our attention to detail will provide you with a home that will continue to grow in value. From the first day, most Econeered homes instantly achieve a 5% increased appraised value compared to a standard built home.


Erik Jones is a graduate of Tulane University and resides in beautiful Henniker, NH with his wife Amy and their two sons. 



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